Our Mission

  •  Provide a diversified selection of styles, materials and finishing options to meet the   customers' needs. 

  •  Bring the best of “Made-in-China” modern furniture to more and more homes.

Our Equipment

  •  Heavy-duty electronic sawing machines from Germany.

  •  Automatic edge bonding production lines. 

  •  HOMAG Matrix CNC machining center from Germany. 


  • Wardrobe Store Furniture For Furniture

    Wardrobe, is the storage of furniture cabinet furniture, generally divided into single door, two doors, embedded and so on, is one of the commonly used furniture. Wardrobe by the cabinet, door (sliding door or flat door), hardware (tie clip, drawer, pull basket, hanging clothes, layer buckle, trousers, mirrors, hinges, etc.). The common wardrobe cabinet is made of 18mm thick material (particleboard, MDF, solid wood board, composite multilayer board, finger plate); and door (sliding door by 9mm wood material "UV board, double panel, wave Plate, louver, painted version "or 5mm glass sliding door; flat open the door generally with 16mm or 18mm material to do); general situation for the wardrobe manufacturers, is supporting, they do not produce. There are a few businesses own production wardrobe hardware.

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  • Artificial Stone Resistant To Easy Maintenance

    Artificial stone introduction: Artificial stone is unsaturated polyester resin as binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, and the amount of flame retardants, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, porcelain casting, Vibration compression, extrusion and other methods made of curing. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone has colorful, smooth finish, uniform color, wear resistance, toughness, compact structure, durable, light weight, non-absorbent, resistant to weathering, color is small, do not fade, radioactive Low merit. With the advantages of comprehensive utilization of resources in environmental protection and energy conservation can not be underestimated the role, but also a veritable green building products. Has become the preferred architectural material for modern architecture.

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  • Glass Kitchen Cabinets High Temperature Performance Is No...

    The emergence of glass products to our lives has brought tremendous changes, then the glass cabinet is okay? Is the glass cabinet made of glass? Introduction to glass cabinets Glass cabinets, also known as acrylic cabinets, is divided into composite acrylic cabinet and pure acrylic cabinet two, and these two different acrylic cabinet advantages and disadvantages are greater differences.

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